AOC services

  • e-TRAM: information on the procedures carried out using the e-TRAM solution in any entity.
  • e-NOTUM: consultation of all available notifications and communications from all administrations with a cross-sectional view. The consultation of the content and practice of electronic notifications is carried out within the e-NOTUM service.
  • Via Oberta (traces): consultation of the traces (not personal data) of the consultations carried out by the Catalan administrations of a person's data or documents. Traces include information relating to: body, service consulted, purpose, file and date.
  • VALID: consultation of authentications or electronic signatures made with the processing portals of the AOC services and the portals of the Catalan administrations

General State Administration

  • Information on procedures and actions available at the General Electronic Access Point of the General State Administration.

[Note: due to an incident in the AGE this integration is not operational lately and we do not have a resolution date]


Example of information available in MyGov on mobile device screen

The intention is to gradually increase the information displayed by MyGov, adding more services of the AOC Consortium and the information of other Catalan administrations that have their own processing portals.